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What is Deal Origination

Deal origination is a process performed by investment bankers, lawyers, or other representatives of the investment industry. It involves the search for target companies for deals. Since transactions are considered to be the main source of income for investment bankers, this process is very important, but also quite complex. In this article, we will take […]

free virtual data rooms

Free Virtual Data Rooms – 3 Possible Solutions

At the very beginning of their journey, not all entrepreneurs have a lot of start-up capital to equip themselves with all the comfortable conditions for doing business. So if you’re looking for a place to download and share your sensitive data at first, you can use free, or budget virtual data rooms. VDRs can provide […]

what is operating synergy

What Is Operating Synergy

The term “synergy” used to be considered exclusively a word belonging to the field of exact sciences. This term explained the phenomenon of two combined substances producing more effects than each of them separately. Over time, the term also came to be used in a business during mergers and acquisitions. M&A deals were made to […]